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Transform your living space with state of the art design solutions from Posh home. Posh Home is a company which has made its name in Singapore for its outstanding collection of replica designer furniture which takes its cues from the icons of mid-20th century design to make a bold modern statement. Our extensive range has been designed to fulfil all the furnishing needs of the modern home and includes lounges, sofas, chairs, tables, beds and lighting.

Our collection combines superior design sensibilities with outstanding craftsmanship to create pieces designed for comfort as well as aesthetic appeal. We believe that for a piece of furniture to be great, it must encompass both ergonomic and aesthetic considerations. As an extension of this belief, our range only features pieces which combine comfort, durability, and impeccable design. Our collection is designed to appeal to the modern Singaporean tastemaker, who is not afraid to combine old and new, as well as bold and minimalist pieces to create an eclectic contemporary living space.

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In addition to our online range of designer furniture, Posh Home offer state of the art interior design services for both commercial and residential properties throughout Singapore. Our talented designers will work closely with you to create stunning living and working spaces which are perfectly tailored to your lifestyle or brand. Posh Home’s interiors incorporate many pieces of our comfort design furniture to create modern interiors which are simultaneously functional and aesthetically striking.

Browse our site to learn more about our range or contact our knowledgeable team by calling +65 6904 9678. To get a quote for our interior design services in Singapore, please use the online enquiry form. Posh Home is dedicated to helping Singaporeans create visionary contemporary interiors that speak to their cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Our interior designers will work closely with you to design a living space which perfectly aligns with your unique lifestyle. We take into consideration your personal choices on colors, décor, and furnishing that you feel will have a positive impact on your lifestyle and wellbeing. We enhance and expand on your ideas to offer you the perfect home to suit your personality, ideas, and imagination. Our professionals will sit with you and discuss the ideal home theme and will design according to your requirements, based on your budget, space, and timeline. Once you approve our concept plan, we will embark on our process of designing a custom interior that speaks directly to your tastes and the needs of your lifestyle.

We have the experience and expertise to build on creative ideas and offer innovative solutions to help you realize your dreams.

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Whether you are thinking of renovating an old barn, refurbishing a flat or building a new home, our company has the perfect solution for you and bring comfort and warmth into your residential homes, commercial entities and offices.  Click on the below project references to find out more about the services we offer in Singapore.

  • HDB Interior Design
  • Condo Interior Design
  • Landed Interior Design
  • Commercial/Office Interior Design
  • Rebuild Landed House.

Posh Home offers sophisticated interior design services for both commercial and residential properties in Singapore. To learn more call +65 6904 9678  to get interior design ideas & Tips for your HDB, BTO, condo or landed homes. Check Out Our Article for Cheapest Interior Design Companies In Singapore to have more info.

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