List of cheapest interior design companies in Singapore

Finding a cheap interior design firm or company in Singapore

List of Cheapest Interior Design Company

The cost of an Interior Design company in Singapore charges is like a puzzle box. You never know how much they will charge you. You can get a professional interior design company quoting you a $10,000 for a kitchen renovation, while there’s asking for $50,000.

In 2017, they are a lot of the interior design companies in Singapore including contractor able to complete the interior design work for you. With the same work as the contractor are able to provide a competitive price compared to the interior designer. The vast price difference is mostly down to the interior designer’s operational costs and the cost of their materials quality & workmanship.

So why not go directly to the cheapest price?

Here’s a list of where a renovation contractor company. Some offer Packages start from just SGD4999 for HDB & Condo interior design:

Go ahead and try to contact them.

You will realize that most of these contractors are unable to provide an ideas or sketches for your dream house. This is because most of the contractors are builders only, they do not help the customer to tailor made the requirement & needs of the customer. Some even didn’t turn up after collecting the deposit from the client.

Then how the get the design from the portfolio?

Normally you will have portfolio design from them at mostly are copied the design from others interior design firms.

To be able to judge whether your Interior Design company is worth the money, you need to know 3 things:

#1 – The Interior Design Company’s Profit

As most people aware the interior design cost is normally are from materials. The money you pay for your house should be the design ideas, manpower to speed up your work & quality of the material of interior design renovation instead of huge personal profit.

This sounds difficult as no Interior Design company in Singapore will ever tell you their profit margin.

An easy way to track this by asking the interior designer to break down the cost of the quotation & always compare with others interior design firms & check with their reputation online.

A Good workmanship can worth the money as it will last longer, Bad workmanship can have caused wasting of time & money.

#2 – The Payment Method

Some small contractor company are unable to sustain the cash flow for material & manpower. Therefore, these company will normally ask for 50-70% down payment even the design work are not even carry out. After you’ve made the smart decision of working with a small Interior Design company filled with “perks”. You may find that they will keep on delaying your works. You may check here.

Then How can I make sure they are good & Trustworthy?

it is good to look for the interior designer company listed from both above websites.

One way is to track your renovation progress closely, is to ask them to provide progress photos update every 2days. It doesn’t get any more accurate than this. As for the down payment, the client has the right to ask the designer to provide the off-site materials purchased.

Rule of thumb always requests to have progressive payment method based on work done with 20-30% down payment. It will save guard your wallet if anything happens to the company.

Always make sure the company is from Singapore as the law will always protect the consumer if anything happens.

interior design payment


#3 – Able to Solve your Space Problems

Designing the interior of a house is very imperative, as it affects the frame of mind of the individual residing in the place. ID works is an art, which can be done well by proper planning and keep in mind the space available and the taste of people living in the place. The space available for designing houses is very restricted and home interior design in Singapore is premeditated pretty much in a similar manner, and there is hardly any space to enhance the look of the exterior.

solved space problems

There is about 95% of Singaporean & PR are staying in HDB & Condos, therefore space solution will be the top priority for the interior designer to be solved. Not only that, the innovative and creative of designer should incorporate the lighting system & designer. They are capable of transforming your home unit into fabulous space that offers great comfort & “WOW” effect.

#4 – Speed of Renovation Works

speed of works

Well, the speed of renovation is always the main factors that increase the cost of renovation as it affects the manpower allocation to your renovation projects. Some contractors quoted with cheaper price but with longer renovation time frame as they will try to drag the progress & only allocate the manpower if it is available. As time is always the money to the homeowner if your unit is vacant for 2 months the potential income from rental & the housing loan installment will easily cost you SGD15k. Therefore, it is good to request a list of manpower allocation & schedule from interior design company before putting your deposit. 


Well, at the end of the day, before hiring someone for doing the renovation of your premises, it is very important to consider the above 3 factors. There is numerous designers & contractor in the market, but it is not that easy to select the ideal one without the above points. A good interior designer will always communicate with the homeowners and help them in designing their house according to their requirements. Hence, all you need to do is select the best one, and the rest will be taken care of by them.

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